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My belated Valentine

26 Feb

I exaggerate; the Boyfriend is almost, always on time.  In fact, I’m the terrible one who often gets our schedules mixed up.  Anyway, this was the result of a negotiation.  Instead of having gifts for each holiday, I told him I’d just like something “really pretty” for our anniversary, which is in August.
I’ve been missing a ring on my right middle finger  for some time– long story short: as a sign of affection I gave that ring away in a previous relationship, one that resulted in being the pettiest and biggest waste of time.  Now I no longer feel as sad or without because I hold my boyfriend’s heart!  So actually here’s to an early anniversary — knock on wood.
David Yurman Cable Collectibles Heart Ring, pavé diamond


“Coffee and a kick in the pants”

16 Feb

My feelings exactly, now that Valentine’s Weekend is over and I need to get on top of next season’s fashion shows.

The Boyfriend had to fly out for a conference on Valentine’s Day — a “conference,” just kidding — so we decided to make the whole weekend special.
Saturday, we ventured out in the windy cold for afternoon tea at England’s pride in America Tea & Sympathy; the place lived up to its reputation and then some. The dining room was quite small and crowded but it didn’t deter any of the many diners waiting to be seated.  We were actually asked to move from our original table that seated three to another that was more appropriate and seated two.  Some may see that as an inconvenience but considering how delicious afternoon tea was, I couldn’t have cared less.
Afternoon tea for one – assorted finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and strawberry or raspberry jam, a selection of cakes, a pot of steaming hot tea
The finger sandwiches were light, generally egg salad, chicken, and tuna.  They each had their fill of vegetables like cucumber, celery, and tomato that lent a refreshing component.  I absolutely loved the scones and cakes!  The clotted cream was so surprisingly airy, and the scones were soft and buttery; I really enjoyed having my scones with clotted cream and jam together.  But, my favorite was the cup cake.  Unlike cupcakes in America, this cup (space) cake was a cake in all respects — almond extract, greater expansion in the batter — and to top it off, every single bite from the frosting to the cake gave a mouthful of strawberries (real, not the artificial flavoring).
Although it was afternoon tea for one, it was a struggle to finish even with some help.  I may have been ridiculously full afterwards but it was worth every tasty morsel.
Shepherd’s pie – lamb or beef
The Boyfriend ordered the beef shepherd’s pie that had a hearty, Bolognese base.  It tasted great but when he added in the green peas, the overall flavor became more balanced, and the dish looked more colorful and appetizing.

The rest of the day included take-out knoblewurst sandwiches from Katz’s Deli — garlicky, snapping goodness.  And since I was so full with sweets, dessert had to wait until the next day.  Flaky pastries with custard and whipped cream filling?  Couldn’t wait, sfogliatelle from La Bella Ferrara!

With love, Henri

5 Feb

Invitations from department stores are fabulous love letters; department stores want you to want them, and the feeling’s mutual.  In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I am sharing love from M. Henri Bendel who is giving 25% off “anything your heart desires” from February 10-14th.  In-store, you present the postcard, which you receive only if you are on the store’s mailing list.  However online…simply enter the code CRUSH.  Enjoy!

Happy February!

2 Feb

Today’s Groundhog Day (is an early spring really near?); New York Fashion Week is around the corner; and before you know it, it’s Valentine’s Day.  Stay tuned for tips on making this Valentine’s Day great for that special someone — even if that someone is yourself ’cause, hey, everyone deserves to feel special on February 14th — as well as updates on the season’s freshest, most talked about fashion shows.

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