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Southern hospitality, y’all

17 Jul

I have a pretty sweet spot for the South: the Best Friend is from Tennessee, and I love anything fried or barbecued the Southern way.  So when I heard about Pat and Gina Neely planning to introduce their Memphis-style barbecue to New York I couldn’t help but jump for joy.  The long-awaited opening arrived this past Wednesday at 62nd and 1st, and I was running — literally running — out the door from work.
Chicken fried steak – black pepper cream gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans
This one plate was the epitome of comfort food — comfort food at its finest.  The steak was so perfectly cooked (medium-rare) and juicy in a crispy, fried package with buttery, melt-in-your-mouth gravy, it automatically set off my taste buds.  And as if that weren’t enough of a delectable surprise, the green beans were not only served with thick-cut bacon but also overwhelmingly infused with the flavor itself.  Wow, right?
Memphis style baby back ribs – dry, with sweet potato fries
We chose to try this recipe dry so we may experiment with the different sauces available (barbecues ranging from sweet to spicy).  The meat on the ribs were very well-seasoned, flavorful and tender — could have stayed in the smoker for longer but it was fine.  I finally stuck a pin on the exact flavor: like summer sausage, who could resist.  Then of course I went with the spicy barbecue sauce, and the combination of the Memphis dry rub and sauce was something like fireworks.
Certainly the place to pig out, so to speak.  Oink!


It’s pronounced “red-ding”

6 Apr

I’m a sucker for farmers’ markets, and when they’re indoors, I could spend hours browsing.  I believe the best foods are found there and Reading Terminal did not prove otherwise.
First stop: Delilah’s.  The best macaroni and cheese in the country, says Oprah Winfrey.  I’m not one for baked mac and cheese — different texture than the boil-and-mix kind I grew up with — but this was some lip-smackin’, Southern comfort.  It was soft and creamy with an unexpected, smoky tang, ultimately why I gave in.  So I stood nibbling on Delilah’s famous mac and cheese while waiting to order at DiNic’s.  Here is where I smile guiltily.
Next stop: DiNic’s, clearly the favorite at Reading Terminal because the line wrapped around and continued to form past neighboring stands — and for good reason!  The pulled pork sandwich must’ve been heaven sent.  Tender, savory pork wonderfully cut by sharp provolone and garlicky broccoli rabe.  I could not believe my tastebuds: a bit of everything (heavenly) in each bite.
(More photos).

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