TAKE FASHION is a blog documenting trends in fashion and the like by yours truly, Tiffany (mstiffanybui).  Here, I share details of my semi-charmed life including a closet disproportionately Marc Jacobs and delicious eats.

A native New Yorker, I attended Harvard University, where I was often called the “Asian Elle Woods,” concentrating in Chemical and Physical Biology.  I was a member of Harvard Women’s Swimming & Diving and Delta Gamma Zeta Phi as well as the charity fashion show Identities.  I love grilled cheeses with Sriracha, but nothing is quite as fierce as the Szechuan fried rice from Yenching.

The name TAKE FASHION comes from the 1965 photograph collection Take Ivy by Teruyoshi Hayashida, capturing the trad style unique to Ivy League universities at the time.  The New York Times describes it as “a treasure of fashion insiders” as it is absolutely timeless.  Not too long ago this style was the first to pique my interest in fashion, and it seemed only fitting to name this blog after what started it all.

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