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Don’t get Johnny upset

28 Apr

Chef Johnny is a Greek god when it comes to sandwiches.  Honestly, I salivate every time I think of the Atomic Meatloaf Meltdown (grilled meatloaf, Jack cheese, Inner Beauty hot sauce, and red onion jam on sourdough) at All Star Sandwich Bar — I mean, all the other sandwiches are amazing too, but this particular one really gets me every single time.
But when our waiter boasted having the best cheesecake, I was skeptical and mentioned Junior’s, which got Johnny worked up, so Johnny struck a deal: one slice, and if it weren’t comparable then we’d get another slice, free of charge, to take home.  Let me tell you, I was floored when the dessert plate came out; the cheesecake and chocolate mousse were even more surprising!
Don’t get Johnny upset ’cause he will shut you up with Oreo cookie goodness.  Did I mention there were Oreo cookie crumbs in the chocolate mousse?


Clips from IDENTITIES 2011

26 Apr

The delay in uploading video should serve as one reason why I need a new Macbook Pro; my poor five-year-old (and counting) cannot process AVCHD, mostly because it doesn’t know what AVCHD is.

2nd Annual Leadership in the Arts Award recipient Anna Sui

“Nudity, Electricity, Purity” by Margaret Min, Dae Lim, Elston He

IDENTITIES 2011 post-show

25 Apr

Nothing says “class” better than eating a Felipe’s carnitas super burrito in a resort dress and makeup.


24 Apr

It felt great to be back in this familiar setting — this time, as someone watching from the front row (across from Anna Sui and Bryanboynice).  Of the fashion shows on campus, IDENTITIES tends to stay truer to the meaning and purpose of one, and with this year’s event sponsor MCM, it presented some beautiful, colorful prints on light fabrics reminiscent of those seen in the fall runway shows.
Anna Sui, honorable guest and this year’s recipient of the Harvard-Radcliffe Asian American Association Leadership in the Arts Award.
Meet my new best friend Bryanboy!  He was ever-so friendly; I let him know I was a huge fan and thankfully he was flattered, not creeped out.  It was sweet getting to know him, realizing he’s like anyone else — world-famous fashion blogger aside, he travels and works until exhaustion, meeting so many people only to touch their lives for a brief couple seconds.  You’ll always have a friend in me — safe travels and until next time!

Marc Jacobs Collection RE 2011 violet radzimir flounce back tiered dress; FENTON/FALLON for J. Crew earrings; Marc Jacobs Collection RE 2009 black leather peep-toe heart platform.

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