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The “ultimate cheesesteak”

23 Apr

Named Philadelphia’s favorite, John’s Roast Pork was a location that reminded me of Johnnie’s Beef in Chicago — a stand on the outskirts of a big city with hungry, waiting crowds.  And like Johnnie’s Beef, I was very satisfied with my divey eats.
Cheesesteak with sharp provolone, onions and banana peppers
The publicity and James Beard Foundation Award did not lie.  I came to Philly for its cheesesteak (the Boyfriend, for its roast pork sandwiches but I obviously tried some anyway); I had quite a few in the past but none of them came close to this one sandwich.  There’s something comforting about gooey provolone over 12 ounces of thinly-sliced, grilled beef and onions, and John’s Roast Pork has got it right.
Roast pork sandwich with sharp provolone and spinach
I must admit I was disappointed that the namesake sandwich was not as expected.  Maybe it’s personal taste, but I didn’t like the funkiness of the pork, and the spinach could not reach the bar set by the garlicky broccoli rabe at DiNic’s.  If you want roast pork in Philly, go to Reading Terminal Market and head toward DiNic’s stand.


Blood orange

20 Apr

Although Best Thing I Ever Ate suggested Osteria for its pizza, the highlight of this meal was the dessert — even the Boyfriend had to agree, and that’s really saying something.
Lombarda – baked egg, bitto cheese, mozzarella, and cotechino sausage
Delicious though it fell short of Pulino’s circa Nate Appleman.  Still, it was the second best artisan pizza I’ve had.
“Genovese ravioli” with capon and parmigiano
Pork shank osso bucco with saffron rice crema
Funny story — knowing how I am about texture, the Boyfriend decided to serve my first forkful of marrow without fair warning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was very tasty, but it felt on my tongue sent chills up my spine.  He finally gave me bread buttered with marrow.
Blood orange crostata with 63% manjari chocolate
The perfect marriage: tart blood orange, light cookie-like pie, and bittersweet dark chocolate.  Love, love, love!

ANATOMY: Come play in Philly

17 Apr

True Religion; Peuterey FW 2008; Chanel FW 2010 ballerina; Longchamp Planètes tote bag.

10 again

14 Apr

Marc by Marc Jacobs RE 2010 chrissie low rise skinny leg; Peuterey FW 2008; Dior FW 2010 over-the-knee biker boots; Longchamp Planètes tote bag.

Somewhere at my parents’ house is a photo of me and my elementary school friends scaling the width of this exact alley.  Though, that photograph was taken when we were on a field trip in fifth grade…  It’s surprising what you remember and hold onto as time goes by.

Trendy genius

13 Apr

Iron Chef Morimoto, need I say more?
The venue itself was a modern bit of New York plotted in historic Philly among old, established buildings and landmarks.  It seemed out of place but we didn’t mind, or even care, once lunch was served.
Oh-toro – fatty kindai tuna
Miso soup – tofu
House green salad – shaved bonito, yuzu vinaigrette
Chicken katsu – panko crusted chicken, egg, carmelized onions, dashi soy broth, steamed rice
For $16, my lunch set included the miso soup, house green salad, and chicken katsu.  Not so expensive considering the amount of food entailed — I actually had leftovers — but worth every penny.  I could not get over the combination of sweet broth-soaked rice, carmelized onions, and chicken katsu, all in one bite.
Duck curry udon – grilled duck breast, udon noodle, cilantro
The curry broth completely exceeded expectations; it had this buttery quality that made me just want to melt in my seat.  Then, the duck!  Then, to cut all the richness, cilantro!

Macy’s Center City

7 Apr

Located in the Wanamaker building, the department store comes with a rich history.

It’s pronounced “red-ding”

6 Apr

I’m a sucker for farmers’ markets, and when they’re indoors, I could spend hours browsing.  I believe the best foods are found there and Reading Terminal did not prove otherwise.
First stop: Delilah’s.  The best macaroni and cheese in the country, says Oprah Winfrey.  I’m not one for baked mac and cheese — different texture than the boil-and-mix kind I grew up with — but this was some lip-smackin’, Southern comfort.  It was soft and creamy with an unexpected, smoky tang, ultimately why I gave in.  So I stood nibbling on Delilah’s famous mac and cheese while waiting to order at DiNic’s.  Here is where I smile guiltily.
Next stop: DiNic’s, clearly the favorite at Reading Terminal because the line wrapped around and continued to form past neighboring stands — and for good reason!  The pulled pork sandwich must’ve been heaven sent.  Tender, savory pork wonderfully cut by sharp provolone and garlicky broccoli rabe.  I could not believe my tastebuds: a bit of everything (heavenly) in each bite.
(More photos).

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