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Roxy Winter 2011/2012 press preview

30 Jun


ANATOMY: The longest day

21 Jun

Joie SS 2010 shelia tank dress; Prada studded sandal.

More, please

17 Jun

Sometimes you receive subtle reminders of how much you love someone.  For me, that reminder took the form of a box of four cupcakes hailing from Chicago.  Ever since my disappointment with Sprinkles New York, I’ve found and raved about trying More Cupcakes.  Opportunity presented itself with last week’s Chicago trip but alas I didn’t have enough time!  The Boyfriend arrived home yesterday with a large bag and box in hand and I was so touched by the sweet surprise and thoughtfulness.
So, what drew me to these cupcakes was the variety.  More Cupcakes offers not only sweet treats but also savory, specialty, and cocktail.  Impressive, I know.  I figured if the flavors were that adventurous, the relatively more traditional ones must be damn good…  So far I’ve only had the chocolate hazelnut and loved it!  A dark chocolate cake with creamy but light hazelnut filling and whipped chocolate ganache; it was the right amount of sweet but still decadent.
Conclusion?  I crazy love the Boyfriend!

ANATOMY: Candy stripe

14 Jun

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS 2011 dark yellow multi beatrix sweater; Theory Lynie shorts; Gucci Areia thong wedge sandal; Marc Jacobs Collection SS 2010 fluo passamentry orchid bag.

“You’re not dressed for Walmart”

13 Jun

Rodarte + Opening Ceremony stained v-neck sweater; Abercrombie & Fitch classic shorts; Marc Jacobs Collection SS 2010 fluo passamentry orchid bag.

To the Boyfriend: better this than any of these.

People person

4 Jun

Arriving at Financier Pâtisserie for morning pain au chocolat, I found myself in line behind an elderly Russian woman.  At the time there was only one associate manning the counter, and combined with this woman’s dire need for perfect, unbroken pastries, they proceeded to take ten minutes of my life.  In the meantime, a few other customers arrived.  One, a Wall-Streeter who stood by, when a second associate stepped in behind the counter and started, “Sir, what can I get for you?”
He physically relocated and cut in front: “Excuse me.”
I loudly muttered under my breath: “Damn right, excuse you.”
He turned and looked quizzically: “Sorry?”
“You heard me.  I was here well before you.”
“I didn’t think you understood [the associate].”
I rolled my eyes and used fingers to mark points: “Okay first, you’re insulting my intelligence.  Second, you’re telling me I wouldn’t understand [the associate], why, ’cause I’m Asian?  You weren’t even respectful enough to mention, ‘Oh, she was here before me.'”
Completely baffled, to the associate: “I’m sorry, she was here before me.”
Damn right.


3 Jun

Happy June!  I hope everybody had a wonderful, sun-filled Memorial Day weekend, mine was more or less eventful; I simply lazed and ate my way through it — there was really no better way I would’ve preferred.  Though last week I hit flashback mode: This time last year the class of 2010 was graduating!
Last Chance Dance, with the Best Friend
Senior Soirée, with the Roommate (more on her later) and the Boyfriend
We have come quite a ways in one year.

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