REVIEW: At the Oscar’s

1 Mar

So, the breakdown of the worst and best dressed at the Oscar’s.  For kicks, let’s begin with the worst and work our way towards the best.  That way once we finish, our lives still have hopeful agendas.

Worst dressed:

    1. Cate Blanchett, in Givenchy Haute Couture
    I like the softness of the lavender, but sorry, I cannot agree with such an odd architecture and what could only be described as coral virally growing over the shoulders.
    2. Helena Bonham Carter
    3. Marisa Tomei, in Charles James Vintage
    4. Florence Welch, in Valentino Couture
    Florence Welch’s red carpet look wasn’t terrible but her unkempt hair and pale skin tone oversold Bohemian and indie chic, moreso than warranted by haute couture.
    5. Mandy Moore, in Monique Lhuillier
    The dress itself was beautiful and delicate, however she still managed to add quite a few years to her age.  These things are seemingly trivial when you have a dress like that, but they are crucial when it comes to the big picture.  Hair and accessories — that part in the middle and those oversized discs.

Now take a breath.  Best dressed:

    1. Hilary Swank, in Gucci Première
    Watching Hilary Swank make her stops on the red carpet then grace the stage took my breath away, in all honesty.  The design and the way it fell was perfect.
    2. Mila Kunis, in Elie Saab Haute Couture
    3. Jennifer Hudson, in Atelier Versace
    Recently, there hasn’t been a time when I didn’t comment on how fabulous she looked; she has undergone such an amazing transformation.  Here she continued to stun in a classic gown.  I adore the boldness of color, after all it is a prominent trend we’re seeing this spring.
    4. Halle Berry, in Marchesa
    5. Natalie Portman, in Rodarte
    In January I criticized Natalie for her faux pas at the Golden Globe’s, and it seemed as if she took my words into consideration donning a darker, jewel tone on a more matte material.  Though modest, she was still fashion-forward with a pair of fringe earrings — not too much, but the right amount.

4 Responses to “REVIEW: At the Oscar’s”

  1. anthea March 2 at 6:12am #

    I hated Cate’s too. A lot of people loved it though…

    • Tiffany March 2 at 9:30am #

      Yes, I’ve seen her on both Best Dressed and Worst Dressed lists. It was really odd, but to each her own. Today, I think the only person who could get away with a similar look would be Lady Gaga.

  2. styleonthecouch March 7 at 1:46pm #

    Cate Blanchett worse? No surly not I loved her Givenchy gown…. I agree about Mandy Moore, I found her gown a little odd looking and it did age her.

    • Tiffany March 7 at 2:24pm #

      It wasn’t so much the dress itself but more likely the dress in context of the Oscar’s. If I were to see it in an editorial for example, that would elicit a different response.

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