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21 Mar

This morning I woke up to rain; I swear I was away from the window for no more than 10 minutes and when I returned it was snow.  What to do with the moody weather?  Cozy up in bed with the laptop, watch TV, and eat macarons.
Though honestly, the macarons from Bisous Ciao were really not good.  First, the batter was inconsistent, and second, the buttercream and jam fillings were overly rich with very buttery consistency and oil.


Italian landscape

14 Mar

Sadly no, I’m not in Italy while the Boyfriend attends meetings, but I sat for an early dinner at this cozy eatery downtown called the Meatball Shop, specializing in — you guessed it — Italian meatballs.  I’d say this was a great example of a restaurant doing one thing and doing it really well.
The first thing that caught my attention was the cup of markers on the table, then I saw the menu.  It was clever: mark off what to order in any combination, which means a new meal every time you return — believe me, you’ll want to.
Naked balls – four meatballs served with focaccia bread; spicy pork in pesto
Simple salad – arugula and apples; side

(More photos).

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