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ANATOMY: I’ve a feeling we’re not in SoHo anymore

6 Aug

Leifsdottir SS 2011 strapless raime corset dress; Vince SS 2011 cropped cable knit sweater; Prada studded sandal.


ANATOMY: Color me Spring

20 Mar

Vince high-low square sweater; Prada eyewear; Diane von Furstenberg SS 2010 African sugar scarf; Marc Jacobs Collection RE 2010 birds of paradise bag.

More heat, please

31 Jan

With recent low temperatures (and the weather they bring), I am totally enjoying my share of thick, comfy sweaters.  My personal favorite is this striped cashmere one from Vince.  Of all designer casuals, Vince truly delivers beautiful, high quality pieces; this cashmere is incredibly soft, so much that the Boyfriend often likes to stroke his face on the sleeve, which really doesn’t work out too well once I’m highly electrostatic.
Alas he’s still at work.
Dressing cozily, I’m also kicking core body heat up a notch with some crazy-hot beef curry.  My curry and chili quantities are relative since I like a lot of residual heat — the kind that makes you sweat — which is great ’cause the Boyfriend got these spices from Hong Kong.

    One pound bottom round roast
    Two handfuls of curry powder (to taste)
    Two handfuls of chili powder (to taste)
    One cup of low-fat yogurt
    Cube the beef, and set it in a large bowl where you’ll apply a dry rub of curry and chili powder. If you want to play around with the proportions, remember that chili controls spiciness and a little can you take you far. Place the cubes in a plastic bag to leave in the fridge overnight.
    The next day, place the cubes in a large bowl and mix in yogurt. Heat Dutch oven then sauté the cubes until they’re light brown. Then, add water to cover all the cubes (and the vegetables you may want to add — I typically add potatoes). After several minutes, reduce the heat to a simmer and slowly cook until beef is tender, approximately four hours.

(More photos).

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