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Trendy genius

13 Apr

Iron Chef Morimoto, need I say more?
The venue itself was a modern bit of New York plotted in historic Philly among old, established buildings and landmarks.  It seemed out of place but we didn’t mind, or even care, once lunch was served.
Oh-toro – fatty kindai tuna
Miso soup – tofu
House green salad – shaved bonito, yuzu vinaigrette
Chicken katsu – panko crusted chicken, egg, carmelized onions, dashi soy broth, steamed rice
For $16, my lunch set included the miso soup, house green salad, and chicken katsu.  Not so expensive considering the amount of food entailed — I actually had leftovers — but worth every penny.  I could not get over the combination of sweet broth-soaked rice, carmelized onions, and chicken katsu, all in one bite.
Duck curry udon – grilled duck breast, udon noodle, cilantro
The curry broth completely exceeded expectations; it had this buttery quality that made me just want to melt in my seat.  Then, the duck!  Then, to cut all the richness, cilantro!


An Iron Chef brunch

29 Nov

It was very exciting to sit down at Marc Forgione’s restaurant on Sunday not only because he’s now an Iron Chef but also because I totally knew he had the makings of an Iron Chef before he actually became one, hah!
The exposed brick, hanging lanterns, and wooden shelves and tables gave a rustic, American feel complementing his delicious offerings.  From what I heard, the chef changes the menu on a daily basis (and sadly, the fried quail and waffles were no longer available for brunch that morning).  “Bacon, egg, and cheese” may have been my second choice, but I was still super impressed; my scrambled eggs were perfect — soft, light, melted on the tongue, with the right pinch of salt — the sundried tomatoes contrasted the eggs with sweetness, and the bacon contributed a deliciously savory meat-protein.
“Bacon, egg, and cheese” – soft scrambled eggs, sundried tomato, applewood smoked bacon, parmesan popover
100% Creekstone Ranch prime beef burger, soft potato bun, aged cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions, fried egg, parmesan nugget potatoes
Homemade maple, pork and fennel sausage

(More photos).

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