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Trendy genius

13 Apr

Iron Chef Morimoto, need I say more?
The venue itself was a modern bit of New York plotted in historic Philly among old, established buildings and landmarks.  It seemed out of place but we didn’t mind, or even care, once lunch was served.
Oh-toro – fatty kindai tuna
Miso soup – tofu
House green salad – shaved bonito, yuzu vinaigrette
Chicken katsu – panko crusted chicken, egg, carmelized onions, dashi soy broth, steamed rice
For $16, my lunch set included the miso soup, house green salad, and chicken katsu.  Not so expensive considering the amount of food entailed — I actually had leftovers — but worth every penny.  I could not get over the combination of sweet broth-soaked rice, carmelized onions, and chicken katsu, all in one bite.
Duck curry udon – grilled duck breast, udon noodle, cilantro
The curry broth completely exceeded expectations; it had this buttery quality that made me just want to melt in my seat.  Then, the duck!  Then, to cut all the richness, cilantro!


Curry Friday

27 Nov

Once I sat for breakfast at Macaron Café, I decided on a food adventure rather than one of shopping.  Though admittedly I still made a stop by Bloomingdale’s.  So the Boyfriend later found me, shopping bag in one hand and box of macarons in the other, and together we strolled down Fifth Avenue stopping for candied oranges at Michel Cluizel then crossing town for some long sought-after Japanese curry at Go! Go! Curry!

Shrimp curry
Katsu curry

The dishes didn’t seem like much, but underneath the topping and spicy yet sweet curry was a big mound of rice — very satisfying and yummy.

(More photos).

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