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More heat, please

31 Jan

With recent low temperatures (and the weather they bring), I am totally enjoying my share of thick, comfy sweaters.  My personal favorite is this striped cashmere one from Vince.  Of all designer casuals, Vince truly delivers beautiful, high quality pieces; this cashmere is incredibly soft, so much that the Boyfriend often likes to stroke his face on the sleeve, which really doesn’t work out too well once I’m highly electrostatic.
Alas he’s still at work.
Dressing cozily, I’m also kicking core body heat up a notch with some crazy-hot beef curry.  My curry and chili quantities are relative since I like a lot of residual heat — the kind that makes you sweat — which is great ’cause the Boyfriend got these spices from Hong Kong.

    One pound bottom round roast
    Two handfuls of curry powder (to taste)
    Two handfuls of chili powder (to taste)
    One cup of low-fat yogurt
    Cube the beef, and set it in a large bowl where you’ll apply a dry rub of curry and chili powder. If you want to play around with the proportions, remember that chili controls spiciness and a little can you take you far. Place the cubes in a plastic bag to leave in the fridge overnight.
    The next day, place the cubes in a large bowl and mix in yogurt. Heat Dutch oven then sauté the cubes until they’re light brown. Then, add water to cover all the cubes (and the vegetables you may want to add — I typically add potatoes). After several minutes, reduce the heat to a simmer and slowly cook until beef is tender, approximately four hours.

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Boudin cinnamon toast

23 Jan

Recently I’ve been hankering for the pure maple syrup the Boyfriend bought during the holidays, but of course no one just eats syrup.  So this morning I decided to make French toast for us.

    Boudin Bakery sourdough bread
    Three eggs, beatened
    One teaspoon of vanilla extract
    One tablespoon of cinnamon
    Highland Sugarworks 100% Grade A Maple Syrup

I personally chose Boudin’s sourdough because it provided complementary flavor and amazing, contrasting texture.  Feel free to complete the toast with raisins (not photographed, but I did garnish the Boyfriend’s plate with them).

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Sample: Theory and Helmut Lang

21 Jan

When: Starting January 29th
Where: 93 Mercer Street, New York, NY

Are you a Gilt City member?  Sign in and receive exclusive VIP access on January 27th and 28th — two days before it opens to the public.  First-day VIP is $10 per person, and second-day, $5 per person.  This offer will not last long!
Even without the special treatment, this men’s and women’s sample sale is worth a look.  After all, one can never have too many sophisticated casuals.

REVIEW: At the Golden Globe’s

20 Jan

Let’s take a look at who wore what and fashion highlights of the event.

    1. Natalie Portman, in Viktor + Rolf
    Although lovely and sweet, the mommy-to-be made a poor choice with shiny, easy-wrinkle fabric. Light colors like pink are difficult to appear slim in; now combining textile and body shape, her spotlight for Best Actress in a Film Drama should have been one of slight embarrassment.
    2. Anne Hathaway, in Armani Privé
    When I first saw the structure of this dress, my thoughts immediately directed to Haus of Gaga. Considering Armani has designed exclusively for Lady Gaga, I wasn’t far off at all. Tall, slender, stunning!
    3. Annette Bening, in Tom Ford
    Tom Ford, enough said.
    4. January Jones, in Versace
    As the new face of Versace, the Mad Men starlette wowed the red carpet in this classy couture piece, a seductive twist on Roaring Twenties glamour.
    5. Emma Stone, in Calvin Klein Collection
    Simple and clean. A dress like this one would have been difficult to pull off, but it fell on Emma Stone’s frame perfectly.
    6. Olivia Wilde, in Marchesa
    Absolutely gorgeous.
    7. Christina Aguilera, in Zuhair Murad
    It was so sad to see Christina Aguilera do no justice for French designer Zuhair Murad. She took his elegance and rendered it trashy. To put it nicely, she may not be as thin as she once was, but she should have the common sense to wear a dress that fit at the very least; her cleavage was overflowing, and her curves were exaggerated, unflattering.
    8. Leighton Meester, in Burberry
    As much as I love Leighton Meester’s style on Gossip Girl, I must admit this Victorian England look was too old for her. The light, sheer fabric was wonderful, but the line and amount of it (covering) was meant for someone a decade older.
    9. Eva Longoria, in Zac Posen
    What break-up, what heartbreak? Eva looked absolutely fabulous in this sleek, black Zac Posen piece. The only personal commentary I can think of: “You go, girl!”
    10. Sandra Bullock, in Jenny Packham
    A few months ago I wrote a piece on up-and-coming British designer Jenny Packham and praised her for her use of textile and palette. The dress itself was beautiful, however Sandra Bullock donned it in a rather outdated bohemian fashion. This season’s forecast? Bohemia is now urban and haute.

Shoe designers are the new architects

13 Jan

Passing by the window displays at Louis Vuitton brought to my attention how far leather goods have come — especially footwear. The modern runway shoe is no longer a piece of classic elegance or glamour, adorned with delicate accents and fabrics; instead, it is a structural feat prized for its lines and edges. These designs strike us as peculiar yet we are seduced by their ingenuity and innovation.
Julia Lundsten with her label FINSK, arguably the Eames of footwear, has been at the forefront of this movement. With such architectural aesthetics, shoes are now bolder statements than they ever were.
With all due respect, we should keep in mind the designer who first attempted to push limits and create the work that FINSK is currently perfecting in Project Two: Marc Jacobs and his Surrealist.
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Back to work

12 Jan

Is it?  Today New York’s managing its second snow storm of the season.  To be frank, it was all talk; the storm stopped as of early this morning, and premature calls for a snow day (and weather emergency) were certainly unnecessary.

Though I didn’t go off the grid, I still reached a wonderful state of relaxation.  The Boyfriend humored my playing housewife — rearranging the apartment, shopping, and cooking to my heart’s content.  He still had his fair share, like maintaining the apartment, which is near impossible because he throws everything all over the place.
I love how delicious, fluffy egg croissants and boxes of macarons from Macaron Café fill my days now.  Often when the Boyfriend comes home from work, we go for a walk and end up embarking on some adventure, and for that reason, that’s why I love New York.  I can’t see myself parting with this city for any permanent period of time.
My 23rd was sweetly celebrated with a dinner at Naya Mezze & Grill, a Lebanese restaurant I’ve been eyeing for several months now.  It was worth the wait!
Kibbé trio – trio of beef dumplings stuffed with minced beef, eggplant, and cumin
Did you know: at Naya beef and lamb are grass-fed, and chicken are naturally-raised.  Grass-fed and naturally-raised take “organic” to the next level — yes!
Batata harra – spicy sauteed cubes of potatoes with fresh coriander
I loved this dish mainly because of its similarity to french fries; the potato cubes were so crisp and wonderfully spiced.
Chicken shawarma – strips of marinated chicken roasted on a skewer and served with garlic sauce
When the waiting staff learned it was my birthday, they insisted on celebrating with some champagne!  Later, a group of friends joined the Best Friend (whose birthday was the day after), the Boyfriend and me for drinks at the lush Pegu Club, which was a great way to taper off the holiday.

If you like my manicure in the photo above, I’m sporting OPI’s “Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous.” Although the lacquer is from FW 2010, metallic, opalescent shades are still dominating the upcoming SS 2011.  It produces an edgy yet polished — pardon the pun — look.  My current favorite is Chanel’s Pearl Drop (Shade 511).  Also, check out Chanel’s Limited Edition Steel.

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