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Blood orange

20 Apr

Although Best Thing I Ever Ate suggested Osteria for its pizza, the highlight of this meal was the dessert — even the Boyfriend had to agree, and that’s really saying something.
Lombarda – baked egg, bitto cheese, mozzarella, and cotechino sausage
Delicious though it fell short of Pulino’s circa Nate Appleman.  Still, it was the second best artisan pizza I’ve had.
“Genovese ravioli” with capon and parmigiano
Pork shank osso bucco with saffron rice crema
Funny story — knowing how I am about texture, the Boyfriend decided to serve my first forkful of marrow without fair warning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was very tasty, but it felt on my tongue sent chills up my spine.  He finally gave me bread buttered with marrow.
Blood orange crostata with 63% manjari chocolate
The perfect marriage: tart blood orange, light cookie-like pie, and bittersweet dark chocolate.  Love, love, love!

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