It’s pronounced “red-ding”

6 Apr

I’m a sucker for farmers’ markets, and when they’re indoors, I could spend hours browsing.  I believe the best foods are found there and Reading Terminal did not prove otherwise.
First stop: Delilah’s.  The best macaroni and cheese in the country, says Oprah Winfrey.  I’m not one for baked mac and cheese — different texture than the boil-and-mix kind I grew up with — but this was some lip-smackin’, Southern comfort.  It was soft and creamy with an unexpected, smoky tang, ultimately why I gave in.  So I stood nibbling on Delilah’s famous mac and cheese while waiting to order at DiNic’s.  Here is where I smile guiltily.
Next stop: DiNic’s, clearly the favorite at Reading Terminal because the line wrapped around and continued to form past neighboring stands — and for good reason!  The pulled pork sandwich must’ve been heaven sent.  Tender, savory pork wonderfully cut by sharp provolone and garlicky broccoli rabe.  I could not believe my tastebuds: a bit of everything (heavenly) in each bite.
(More photos).


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