Shoe designers are the new architects

13 Jan

Passing by the window displays at Louis Vuitton brought to my attention how far leather goods have come — especially footwear. The modern runway shoe is no longer a piece of classic elegance or glamour, adorned with delicate accents and fabrics; instead, it is a structural feat prized for its lines and edges. These designs strike us as peculiar yet we are seduced by their ingenuity and innovation.
Julia Lundsten with her label FINSK, arguably the Eames of footwear, has been at the forefront of this movement. With such architectural aesthetics, shoes are now bolder statements than they ever were.
With all due respect, we should keep in mind the designer who first attempted to push limits and create the work that FINSK is currently perfecting in Project Two: Marc Jacobs and his Surrealist.
(More photos).


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